Digital goodies for commercial use

Who I am

My name is Olga. In 2009, my husband Mikhail and I embarked on a journey to establish our own manufacturing company. We specialized in crafting products for both children and adults, encompassing a woodworking shop, a printing press, and a paint and lacquer department.

*Frankfurt am Main Messe, 2012

Initially, we relied on the services of freelance designers to create our drawings and new designs. However, we soon realized that their drafts often required modifications and adjustments. Consequently, in 2012, I took it upon myself to learn how to create drawings for laser machines and milling routers.

It was an arduous endeavor for me. At that time, I struggled to find truly valuable instructional courses that could expedite my progress. The AutoCAD software proved to be excessively complex and demanding. Eventually, I taught myself how to draw using CorelDRAW, developing my own approach, which I fondly refer to as "feminine drafting."

Over time, I acquired the skills to photograph my work and later ventured into creating 3D models and rendering them. The process of drafting continues to captivate me to this day. While my professional background lies in teaching mathematics, I have always possessed a profound passion for drawing, sewing, scrapbooking, and various other creative pursuits. Through drafting, I managed to unite my love for both mathematics and artistic expression.

Naturally, I find great inspiration and joy in the feedback from our customers. Initially, their gratitude was directed towards the physical products crafted in our workshop. However, since I began offering digital goods, our customer base has expanded significantly, spanning across Australia, the United States, Brazil, Europe, and numerous other countries.

Receiving words of appreciation from individuals around the globe simply takes my breath away. The mere thought that something I designed and drew myself finds its place in someone's home on the other side of the world fills my heart with immense joy